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I. Cher Lloyd - Sirens
II. SWS - Iris (cover)
III. One Republic - Counting Stars
IV. The Maine - Inside of you
V. One Direction - Right Now


Harry Potter and the Sass

AU meme: Allison Argent as werewolf until her death.

WITCHCRAFT AU: Stiles doesn’t really understand why
the most popular girls in Beacon Hills take Malia under
their wing. He also doesn’t know what they spend their
time doing in the preserve.

Anon or not, make me choose and i'll make a gifset:

Show: _______ or ________ ?
Character: ________ or _________ ?
Pairing: _________ or _________ ?
Anything: ________ or _________ ?
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Neil Gaiman (via aurelle)
❝ I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. ❞
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TVD meme[1/2] Places
∟ “Look who’s dumb enough to come back. Well, somebody had to invite him in. Damon, would you like to, uh, come in?”

teen wolf season 3 rewatch: 3x03 fireflies

"Life is too  c r u e l .
If we cease to believe in  l o v e,
why would we want to l i v e?”

"We’re trying to protect the people we love by keeping them out of it, but in the end we’re hurting them anyway."